Thursday, 20 September 2012

Grounded Coffee Shop

Commission I got with a company called " Off the Bench" which are a youth worker company that try run events and do a lot for kids in Lincolnshire. The Cafe down Monks road known as "Grounded" needed some work doing and I was approached by a council member I had been in contact with telling me about the project. I had a meeting with him and Maaike who was working for Off the Bench and we got it sorted so the kids could have a go and it would guide them and then I'd do all the refining. So me about 3-4 14 year old girls and an older boy etched away at the work. Theres actually a coffee mug below the piece but like a mug I forgot to photograph it. But they were really pleased with it and wanted to get me involved in workshops in the future.

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